Prophets Of Rage Perform On The Tonight Show

Prophets of Rage
The Hollywood Reporter

Prophets of Rage have made it to the big time. The supergroup performed last night (September 11th) on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in support of their debut album, set to be released this Friday (September 15th).

The band performed live, as they rocked out one of their singles from the new album, “Living On The 110.” There has been many excited fans that have geared up, ready for the new Prophets of Rage album to drop. With so many news headlines, song releases, and talks about the band, the wait is finally over, as the new album is almost upon us.

Prophets of Rage really drove it home (no pun intended) during their performance. The meaning behind the song has a deep rooted connection to Los Angeles, known not just as where the band lives, but also by their mixed levels of wealth and poverty that live within the streets of Los Angeles.

“‘Living On The 110’ is a song that speaks to the issue of homelessness,” guitarist Tom Morello said in a statement. “The 110 is a freeway in Los Angeles and living beneath it are thousands of homeless people. Bentleys and Rolls Royces roaring by are literally driving on top of the poor and their makeshift homes, a picture-perfect analogy for the grotesque economic inequality that plagues our times.”

“In all these interviews, we talk a lot about the politics, but the cornerstone is that the music has to be devastating and we have to not just be competitive with our legacies, but in [2017], it has to be something that goes beyond that and is very authentic, unapologetic and contemporary.”

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