Primus: Red Rocks

Primus is currently on trek with their “Primus & The Chocolate Factory” theme, inspired by non-other than Willy Wonka. As you get into the show, you already feel like you’re in kindergarten or a psych ward with the eerie songs playing as show goers fill the spaces. Eerie doesnt even describe the vibe of the joint, but you get my drift. Let alone the Primus fans who, lets just say create a very interesting audience flow. Even on a semi-rainy Thursday afternoon, no-one can resist a show at Red Rocks. As semi turns to pouring rain, the crowd persists. Now if you are not familiar with Primus already, lets just say the second half of the set was weird, even for them. Jumping ahead of things, but that is the talk of the show anywho. Les Claypool appears on stage at the start of their second half performing on his upright bass, and wearing Willy Wonka attire with a mask with an extended nose. If you took shrooms before hand, you ended up at the right place. Picture that thing from Insidious and a creepy dummy and you just might have the right idea. Just to add to the weirdness, anyone familiar with salad fingers? Lets just say Les, if not the rest of the band, is close buddies with him or just the idea of him. Either way it creates a disturbing image that leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out what is going on. But as weird as Primus is, there is no doubt that they are one talented bunch. Last we saw them, Danny Carey from Tool filled in on drums, and it looks that Tim Alexander has been welcomed back and taking the drums seat. I cant even begin to describe the show in its entirety, all I can say is go see for yourself.

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