Powerflo Introduces Heavy Rap Metal Blend With Debut Album

Travis Shinn

Watch out world, there’s a new power band in town, and they’re called POWERFLO. They may be a new band, but they got a wealth of powerhouses within them, including the likes of Cyress Hill’s Sen Dog, and Biohazard guitarist, Billy Graziadei.

This year, the band had picked up steam to announce the introduction of this new endeavor, and with that, the introduction of a new album to follow. The time is finally hear, as the release of their new self-titled album is out. Not only is the new album out, but it’s one that is in your face, with a fantastic blend of tones that take you into a lovely world where rap meets metal, and they marry beautifully together.

You know when you have two giants like Sen Dog and Graziadei in the mix, the music is going to not only be epic, but it will also be raw, and ultra heavy. That’s exactly what you get with this new album. The emphasis in the word “Power” is in full effect with each track. Filling in the other pieces of the puzzle include former Fear Factory bassist/guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers, Rogelio Lozano from Downset, and Brazilian drummer Fernando Schaefer.

Upon listening, each song features a sea of metal, punk, hip hop, and rap all rolling around into one harmonious unit that will surely break any and all windows within the area. Each song features six string mastery from Graziadei and Lozano, as the de-tuned strings, enhanced with tasteful overdrive, mixed with Olde Wolbers and Schaefer’s rhythm section lay out the runway for Sen Dog to come in and lay down the ever inspiring words of wisdom.

With this album, and the line of songs on them, you simply can’t go wrong. Limp Bizkit? Linkin Park? Forget about them! They don’t come close to touching what Powerflo has provided. With songs like “My M O,” “Start A War,” “Resistance,” “Where I Stay,” “Victim of Circumstance,” and many others, you’ll quickly be hooked but just how epic it is.

In the mood for some good quality rap metal? Look no further. Powerflo is the band to certainly look out for. If you love Biohazard, Cypress Hill, and Fear Factory, then you’ll love what this band has, and will look to bring to you in the future. The band performed their very first live show together last week in Los Angeles at the famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. Now that the album is officially out following a CD release part held last night at The Roxy in Los Angeles, the band is looking to head out and support it wholeheartedly.

July is going to be a great month for Powerflo, as they recently announced a small line of Summer tour dates that will take them throughout part of California, along with Arizona, and Nevada. Get out and support this new band. Not only is their music amazing, but their live show will get you moshing til the very, leaving with a new favorite band, and having the need to shout “VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCE” all the way out the door.

Powerflo 2017 Summer Tour Dates:

7/8 — Fresno, Calif. — Full Circle Brewing Company
7/9 — Riverside, Calif. — RHA
7/11 — Bakersfield, Calif. — Bryders
7/12 — Los Angeles, Calif. — The Regent
7/13 — Tempe, Ariz. — Marquee
7/14 — Las Vegas, Nev. — Brooklyn Bowl


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