Pop Evil Releases New Video For “Be Legendary”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Pop Evil has released a new music video for the song “Be Legendary”. It marks the fourth clip the band has released from its latest, self-titled album, whcih came out last year.

Pop Evil once again teamed up with American film director Columbia Tatone. The group previously collaborated with her on the videos for “A Crime To Remember”, “Colors Bleed”and “Waking Lions”. “Be Legendary” currently sits at No. 11 on the Active Rock chart.

“When we were first writing this song, it started with this addictive-yet-hypnotic guitar riff,” says frontman Leigh Kakaty. “Suddenly I could see our fans coming together as one. I just felt like this was going to be a great opportunity to write an anthemic type of lyrical song that could positively motivate people. Now we see all our fans posting on social media how this song motivates them in their daily lives. Plus, to see how passionate they are whenever they hear us perform it live. Time will tell just how big this song can become.”

Pop Evil also teamed up with Swagtron, the No. 1 brand of light electric vehicles including ebikes and electric scooters. Swagtron supplied all of the bikes seen in the video, as well as Swagcycle ebikes as prizes for Pop Evil giveaways through radio stations nationwide coinciding with the band’s current tour.

Pop Evil is in the middle of a headline tour in the U.S. with veteran comedian and former VH1 “That Metal Show” host Don Jamieson.