P!nk in Denver


What a day in Denver on Sunday, January 19th. The Broncos are heading to the Superbowl and P!nk closes out the glorious day with her stunning performance, The Truth About Love. Breaking out in a Bungee apparatus to “Raise Your Glass” the whole entire Pepsi Center was in full force. The girl must have been exhausted, but damn is she in good shaped. Seriously, P!nk is “ripped”! P!nk’s physical performance is a big part of the show, so she had to take a few breaks during interludes and such, but she still had enough in her to fly across the whole audience, caught on video by local radio station Alice 105.9 which can be found here.

Between vocals, instrumentals, choreography and colorful production and oh yeah….flying across the audience, Sunday’s imaginative show was a pop show perfection. But she didn’t just wow with aerial aerobics. Surrounding herself with very skilled musicians, dancers and singers, P!nk blasted through hits such as “Raise Your Glass,””Just Like A Pill” and “U + Ur Hand”

P!nk puts on a really entertaining show. She has fun with the audience and jokes around, dances a ton, and flies around the audience of-course. Although the show was post-poned and switched from October to January, I am so glad the new day had no conflicts for anyone, especially right after the success of the Superbowl Bound Broncos. Absolutely amazing.




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