Pierce The Veil: Denver


If you decide to attend the Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens World Tour, expect die-hard fans, and lots of them. When I arrived to the venue a little while after doors the line still was blocks long and buzzing with excitement and energy even as the temperatures dropped. The first band on the bill was PVRIS, whom have have seen twice and have been blown away by each time. Their vocalist Lynn brought the venue to life with her immensely powerful voice. By the end of their set PVRIS had the entire crowd singing and dancing to PVRIS’s catchy lyrics. Next was a band from England by the name of Mallory Knox. The World Tour is their first US tour and even though they were relatively unknown by the majority of the crowd they earned quite a few new fans by the end of their set.

Sleeping With Sirens took the stage next and no matter your opinion of them, you can’t deny that they seem to love what they do. Their set was greatly anticipated by the crowd and as they took the stage the Fillmore erupted into screams. Their energetic set was accompanied by colorful lights and smoke machines. Sleeping with Sirens also had two large television like screens that played lyrics on them and had a live feed of the show from different angles. Sleeping With Sirens had plenty of visual effects along that appealed to the fans’ senses throughout the set. Headlining tonights show was none other than Pierce the Veil. Anticipation grew as a large screen was hung in front of the stage concealing the what was happening behind until it finally dropped as Pierce the Veil began there first song. After that the night became one big sing along. The set was a combination of songs off all three of Pierce the Veil’s albums to appeal to both new and old fans. Immediately after the set ending fans were yelling for an encore. Moments later frontman of Sleeping With Sirens, Kellin Quinn joined Pierce the Veil on stage to sing one last song for the night.


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