Perry Farrell Releases New Video For “Pirate Punk Politician”

Perry Farrell has released the a new music video for his song “Pirate Punk Politician”. Farrell has described the song as “a good old-fashioned protest song”.

His new album ‘Kind Heaven’ is due out on June 7 via BMG.

Farrell Farrell: “Well, we’re protesting autocracy. We’re protesting strongmen that have come up around the world that are fascists and bigots and racists and ignorant of the state of the world and, in particular, the environment and the health of Mother Earth. We want to raise the consciousness of the voters around the world, just so that they understand that there is a way out of this tangled mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into. The world is getting so polluted and taken over by people that just think that they are above the law and can do whatever they want and they are just ripping off the people — they are ripping off the people that are the working class. That’s what we’re protesting against.”

Farrell will kick off a North American tour in support of “Kind Heaven” on June 7 in New York City.