Pearl Jam Release New Song To Fan Club Members

pearl jam
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Loyal Pearl Jam fans have gotten a nice little surprise Saturday(March 10). The band released a new song called “Can’t Deny Me,” but it’s exclusive to members of their Ten Club.

For the rest of us, they tweeted out a 25-second clip (embedded below), which included images of people protesting. Alternative Nation has heard the whole song and questions whether it could be directed at President Donald Trump, citing lyrics that they believe to be — but by their own admission aren’t positive — “And now you want me to plead / And be so grateful / For the air that I need,” “You may be rich but you can’t deny me,” “Try to talk down to me / My mind it ain’t so simple / Your vocabulary / Your ignorance is sinful” and “The country you are representing / Condition critical.”