Paul Stanley Explains Reasoning Behind ‘End Of The Road’ Trademark

Legendary rock band KISS is no stranger when it comes to trademarking their brand, and continuing to add more and more lines of items to that list. Newly added is the phrase “End of the Road.” While the end of the road isn’t quite in the sights of KISS as of right now, Paul Stanley and the rest of the band are preparing for when that day may come.

“It’s not the first trademark that’s been filed,” said Stanley. “I thought it was a terrific name, and I was surprised nobody had used it before. I wanted to make sure that when we used it, and there will be a time that we do, I imagine — I wanted to be sure that we own it and it’s ours. When we wanted to go out and do the ‘Hottest Show On Earth’ tour, Ringling Bros. came to us and said, ‘You can’t do that.’ It set off a light and bell for me. We’ve always had slogans or sayings that are synonymous with us, and this was another. Everything does end, in one form or another. When it’s my time, I want to go out in style, and I want to go out guns blazing. So, when I came up with this idea, I thought let’s make sure we tie this up.”

Even though KISS had filed the trademark with the U.S. Trademark Office last month, there was no word on whether or not the trademark was granted. Until further word is released on that, it is unclear whether or not the band has full control over the phrase.

Upon if and when the trademark is granted, the band will be able to utilize it during their live performances when they begin to reach the end of the road for their own desires within the band. While talks have circulated on the future of KISS, there is wonder whether or not Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will continue on with the band, or finally put it to rest after decades of fame and riches.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/