Ozzy Osbourne Performs ‘Bark At The Moon’ During Solar Eclipse

Ozzy Osbourne

Yesterday (August 21st) was quite a special ordeal in history, as people all around the world looked up into the sky to witness the full solar eclipse. What better way to experience a solar eclipse than to have the great Ozzy Osbourne perform “Bark At The Moon” while the eclipse is taking place.

While it’s not too often that Ozzy Osbourne performs during the day, this was a special occasion, as Osbourne performed in front of fans live at Moonstock in Illinois. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect, as live video can be viewed of the performance, capturing the full eclipse midway through.

Ozzy Osbourne and all the fans were certainly howling all the way through, as the moon had blocked the sun, creating a moment of darkness, as the prince of darkness himself was in his natural habitat. With this being a once in a lifetime occurrence, Osbourne and the definitely made it out to be quite a special moment in history.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/