Our Lady Peace Gets Clumsy In Denver


When you think of the 90’s era of rock and alternative music, you may think of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains flooding radio and MTV. But a well known band from Canada known as Our Lady Peace was right along with them topping the charts. The band made a tour stop in Denver, Colorado on Sunday November 12 at the Summit Music Hall to celebrate their signature album “Clumsy” released twenty years ago.

Right out of the gate the band broke into the albums first single “Superman’s Dead”. In stead of a banner with the bands logo on it, a block letter sign that spelled “Clumsy” hung just above drummer Jason Pierce. Even if you were not too familiar with the songs on “Clumsy” you could easily tell the “Clumsy” songs when the sign was lit up. “Automatic Flowers” was next up which lead into “Big Dumb Rocket” followed by “The Story of 100 Aisles” before the band promised to play some additional older songs and some new ones as well.

The band is still fronted by Raine Maida and his voice still sounds incredible perfectly hitting his signature falsetto. The rest of the band consists of Duncan Coutts on bass, Steve Mazur on lead guitar and Jason Pierce on drums. Even though this lineup has not been a force together very long you would never know that from how they sound and perform live. The bands is super cohesive and brought a lot of energy to the songs.

Some of the set highlights included the many fan favorites such as the hit single “Somewhere Out There”. I swear as soon as that song started the cell phones came up and the everyone was singing along. Having just released a new 4-song EP “Somethingess Vol 1. in August, OLD treated fans to two new songs as they played “Drop Me In the Water”, and “Nice to Meet You”.

I’m glad this incredible Canadian band is touring in the United States again and hope we don’t have to wait long to see them again.