Of Mice & Men Announces New Album ‘Earthandsky’; Release New Song “Earth & Sky”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Of Mice & Men have announced that they will release their new album “Earthandsky” on September 27 via Rise Records. The album will include the already released songs “Mushroom Cloud” and “How To Survive”. The band also today has released a third new song “Earth & Sky”.

“‘Earth & Sky’ is a song about resilience,” says frontman Aaron Pauley. It’s about understanding that you can rise above whatever it is that keeps trying to drag you down, no matter what.

“For me, a lot of the time, I’m writing about battling with my own mind. For you, it may be a person, or an obstacle, or a circumstance,” he continues. “Regardless of whatever it is that’s trying relentlessly to drag you down, I hope this song empowers you to rise above it with authority, like it does me every time I sing it.”

“Earthandsky” track listing:

01. Gravedancer
02. As We Suffocate
03. Taste Of Regret
04. Mushroom Cloud
05. Pieces
06. Deceiver/Deceived
07. Earth & Sky
08. The Mountain
09. Meltdown
10. Linger
11. How To Survive