No More Driving For Ozzy Osbourne

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Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Ozzy Osbourne has called it quits on driving. After having a minor fender bender on the freeway, the prince of darkness has decided to forgo his ability to drive, being free from the responsibility in case future accidents do occur.

“He had a little bumper kiss on the freeway with someone and he was, like, ‘You know, I don’t want to drive anymore,'” his son Jack told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror. “He was already driving less and less. I think he is of that mindset he’d rather not have the responsibility.”

“Think about it — Ozzy bumps someone, and it is, like, next thing you know, ‘We are going to sue for a billion,’ because people are silly,” Jack said. “His thing was more, like, ‘I don’t want to be liable. That’s it.'”

Quite the character, Ozzy is. His history of drugs and alcohol is one thing, but his history of driving isn’t far removed from possible effects as to how his driving ability has perhaps been hindered. Back in 2010, Ozzy made news when he had been driving his Ferrari, when suddenly he collided with a Mercedes just as he was entering the freeway in Los Angeles. The damage caused was very minor to both vehicles, and nobody was injured as a result.

Ozzy’s wife Sharon spoke on the accident back when the incident occurred on her talk show, “The Talk.” She commented by stating, “Ozzy just recently passed his driving test and you know, every guy’s dream from being a kid, they’ve wanted to have a Ferrari. So he goes and gets himself one. It had 20 miles on the clock, he goes, ‘I’m going driving.’ He goes out, gets lost, doesn’t know where he is and he hits another car. But the guy he hits is a lawyer. So then Ozzy has a wicked panic on, he says sorry, he gets out the car and the guy goes, ‘I’m calling the police.’ Ozzy goes, ‘You don’t have to, it’s only a minor thing.’ The guy goes, ‘I’m a lawyer.’ And Ozzy says, ‘Jeez, it’s just my luck, I hit Perry Mason.’ It’s like, of all the people in the world! This guy was being really lawyer-like, asking questions, being really strict. He was like, ‘Don’t you leave!’ Ozzy was, like, ‘I’m not going anywhere.'”

Around this time, Ozzy spoke in an interview saying that it took him 19 attempts to try and pass his driving test. “So when I had to turn the car, I was simply asleep,” he said. “When I woke up, the examiner had simply disappeared, but left a message on a paper on the dashboard: ‘Unfortunately, Mr. Osbourne has not passed the exam and would suggest that he never again try to drive this car.'” Ozzy also said that instructors and testers have told him, “I’m not even fucking getting in the car with you.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/