Nikki Sixx Steps Down From Syndicated Radio Show

All good things must come to an end eventually. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is now seeing the second time that one of his endeavors is coming to and end. The first of course being the end of Motley Crue’s reign as a band. The second being the end of his tenure as the host of his syndicated radio show, “Sixx Sense.”

Sixx had started the radio program back in 2010, quickly climbing to be one of the biggest syndicated radio shows in the country. With the massive stature of the show, Sixx has gone on to have legendary guests to interview, including the likes of Paul McCartney, Slash, Steven Tyler, Metallica, and many more.

The show was in partnership with Premiere Networks/iHeart Radio, who are now seeing the end of an era per se, as the Motley Crue legend will step away from the radio microphone.

“When we first partnered with Nikki in 2010, we set out to create a unique program from the perspective of true rock star, and that’s exactly what we did,” says Premiere Networks president Julie Talbott. “We’re proud of the work we did together to make ‘Sixx Sense’ one of the most widely syndicated rock radio programs in the country while establishing the ultimate platforms for rock music fans, as well as new and established artists. It’s been a pleasure working with Nikki, and we wish him all the best.”

“I grew up discovering music on the radio,” explains Sixx. “So to host my own show over the nearly eight years of ‘Sixx Sense’ was beyond my wildest dreams. I could not have done it without my amazing team in the studio, or the guests, musicians, and listeners that brought the show to life. It’s been an inspirational journey and I’ll always be a fan of the medium, but it’s time to shift gears outside the realm of solely radio. I’m in the process of developing new and unique programming and ventures across multiple platforms. But I’m really gonna miss ‘Sixx Sense’.”


JT “Doc” Berry \m/