Night Ranger Is Still Going Strong In New Jack Blades Interview

For nearly 40 years, Night Ranger is one of the rare bands in today’s society that is still going at a high level, high intensity pace. Not only that, but they are one of the few bands today that has nearly the same members that have been in the band since the beginning, who still actually like each other.

While it may be silly to think that a band that is playing music together wouldn’t like each other, it’s very much a reality that band members grow apart from their musical counterparts, resulting in bands breaking up, or simply finding new members.

For Night Ranger, it’s all on an upward swing as bassist Jack Blades, guitarist Brad Gillis, and drummer Kelly Keagy have gone decades together as the best of friends.

In a recent radio interview with WKYC in Cleaveland, Ohio, Jack Blades talks about the current status of Night Ranger:

“We’re one of those rare bands that we all still like each other [laughs], which is a good thing, as opposed to, like, can’t stand each other and, like, hate it and we play and then roll. Not with us — we all actually enjoy each other’s company, which really makes it great.”

“With Night Ranger, it’s always about [that] we just want to keep creating. I have a philosophy that once you stop creating, stop using your mind, stop thinking, stop working, whatever it is, that’s when you start shriveling up and dying inside. We’re sharks — we’ve just got to keep swimming. Sharks, if they stop swimming, they die. We’re just going to keep creating music and touring until someone says we can’t do it anymore. So far, everyone says we can still do it, so we feel very fortunate.

“For us, it’s all about the music. It’s all about creating. A good song will be a good song forever. In Night Ranger, we always focused on songs. Every time I’d bring a song in, or whoever brought it in, whatever song it would be, it was like, if you can’t get the song across by strumming it on an acoustic guitar and singing the chorus, then it’s not really a great song. If it’s not a great song with just a verse and a chorus singing with an acoustic guitar, then it’s not a good song.”

“when we first started out, we got passed on by every record company in the country – probably twice. Finally, one guy gave us a shot, and the next thing we know, we were selling millions of records. So persistence pays off, and I think that’s probably the key with Night Ranger, even today – we just keep drilling at it, and we keep going at it, and just keep punching at it, and we just keep doing that. I think that’s the secret of what’s going on with us.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/