Night Of The Living Mosh: Collapse The World Tour Invades Colorado Springs


“Crowd surfers welcome” is what the front door of the City Auditorium should’ve said on April 22, for the Collapse the World tour. Vein, After the Burial, Killswitch Engage, and Parkway Drive brought their hard-hitting metal tour to Colorado Springs, Colorado. To see a show of this level in Colorado Springs was quite the treat for the metal heads.

“We need more big metal shows like this in the Springs!”- Matt C

The night was damp and overcast, giving an eerie vibe to the metal filled night. On first approach of the venue there was a line going down Kiowa street as the fans braved the wet conditions to get inside before chaos ensued. That line continued for the next couple of hours until the City auditorium reached capacity. Inside was another line for the merch table. The fans loved the selections the bands brought with them. At any given time, you could find at least 50 fans waiting to buy their favorite shirt, cd, vinyl, tapestry, etc.

“Well God damn. Who would’a though Colorado Springs would be THAT much fun. Seriously one of the most fun sets I’ve had in a long time!! Thank you so much for last night, you crazy asses!”-Adrian Oropeza (bassist of After the Burial)

Veil started the night off with their punk/hardcore infused metal. The band members had as much energy as kid who just drank a Jolt cola. They ran full speed across the stage, jumping and kicking, as they saw fit. They packed as much material as they could into their 25-minute set.

Crowd surfer count=100*

Fresh off the release of their new album, Evergreen, After the Burial was next. Technical, hard-hitting, brutal, are just some of the words that could describe their performance. They opened with Lost in the Static from their 2016 album, Dig Deep. If the fans didn’t know who After the Burial were, they would after this show. Excellent musicianship was displayed throughout their set, they are true professionals. It would be no surprise if these guys are headlining a tour soon.

Crowd surfer count=240*

”Wow Colorado Springs. Just wow. You guys really brought the energy last night. It was amazing seeing how many of you already know all of the lyrics to our new songs!! Thank you all.”-After the Burial

Killswitch Engage was next to hit the stage and did they ever hit that stage hard. It’s hard to fathom that the stage was still intact after their performance. Lead singer, Jesse Leach, was on fire (not literally) during the set. Jumping of risers and running from left to right. Guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz, was in his normal form as he jumped for most of the set and let his tongue fly out of his mouth. He also had some of his hilarious commentary between songs, something about a toaster and male genitals. Overall, Killswitch Engage brought their A game.

Crowd surfer count=666*

“Parkway Drive held their own, but Killswitch Engage really blew the roof off and kept the energy up high their entire set…”- Alan C

Last was Australian metal heavy weights, Parkway Drive. Before coming on stage, they played Queen’s legendary hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” through the venue’s PA system. The crowd, full of booze, weed, and metal, sang along. Then out came Parkway Drive to a dark stage filled with smoke. Lead singer, Winston McCall, stood on a riser with a spotlight on him while he sang the opening to their song, Whishing Wells, from their 2018 album Reverence. It was almost a theatrical performance with the lighting, smoke, and Winston’s movements. The metal continued throughout their set which lasted for an hour.

Crowd surfer count=12,567*

“I broke my ankle in the mosh pit. When I went down so many people helped me up and got me out of there. Soon, I went back in and immediately went down. Once again, I was helped up and multiple strangers offered to leave the concert and take me to the emergency room. No other crowd would do that. Nothing but respect to the metal community for helping me. The world needs more people like that. The world needs more metal!” – Jeff N

*crowd surfer count may be a little skewed but that’s how I remember it.

Photos and review by Brandon Thrift.