New Static-X Album, Featuring Wayne Static’s Final Vocal Performances To Be Released In 2019

Static-X, featuring the band’s original lineup introduced on their 1999 platinum-selling debut full-length album, “Wisconsin Death Trip”, bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay have joined forces once again to release a new album, “Project Regeneration”. Due in the spring of 2019, the effort will be released in conjunction with a world tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Wisconsin Death Trip”. The band plans to perform the majority of their debut album at each show. Headline dates will serve as memorial events to honor late frontman Wayne Static, who passed away four years ago. More information on the world tour and other dates will be coming soon.

For the unfinished tracks, the band is inviting several of their friends to lend their voices for the completion of this very personal project.

“We have confirmed interest from our friends David Draiman , Ivan Moody, Al Jorgensen , Dez Fafara , Edsel Dope, Burton C. Bell, and a few others,” says Campos. “Unfortunately, due to everyone’s crazy schedules, it is a little early to know how things will shake out. We are more than confident that the album will have some incredible guest vocalists, but it should be noted that it is still too early to count anyone in 100%.”

The guest vocalist curation process is being led by none other than SiriusXM programming pioneer Jose Mangin, who is working alongside the band as one of the executive producers for “Project Regeneration”.

“This is a celebration of Static-X, ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’, Wayne Static, and all of our fans,” adds Campos. “We are very excited about what we have created, so we wanted to involve the fans early, and in a campaign sort of way, so that they can participate with us and help to dictate some of the things that we do.”

“Reuniting with the guys has been an amazing experience,” says Jay. “It’s been so much fun sharing stories and working on new music together. Obviously, it is bittersweet because we all miss Wayne and we wish that he was here with us, doing what he did best… Evil Disco…”

“I am so excited to play Static-X songs live again,” says Fukuda. “The Static-X sound is so big and powerful live! I can’t wait to play songs like ‘Bled For Days’, ‘Push It’ and ‘I’m With Stupid’ again.”