New Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Album Is Completed

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

The long awaited and newly minted solo album by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators album is finally “in the can” and ready for the final stages of production, before it then gets released to the masses. Slash has been quite a busy man, on the run with Guns N’ Roses, along with mixing his time between that and his solo efforts, which fans have been wondering when a new album would surface.

With four years since Slash’s last solo album “World On Fire,” released in 2014, fans can look to rest easier, knowing a new one is coming. While there isn’t a date or time frame when the new album will come about, progress has been made to see to it that the conspirator train keeps on rolling.

“We just finished a record,” said singer Myles Kennedy. “Actually, I just finished my vocals for that last week, so there’s another record in the can. And it’ll probably come out later this year.”

“It’s got some cool songs and it’s got a great live feel,” said Slash.

“I’ve been working with Myles, Brent and Todd for about eight years now. It’s been an amazing ride so far; as a band we continue to get better which is great. With the addition of Frank since the ‘World On Fire’ tour, I feel we have hit a great, creative stride which I definitely think shows on this next record.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/