New Eagles of Death Metal Documentary Revisits Paris Terror Attacks

HBO has released a brand new documentary entitled “Nos Amis (Our Friends),” featuring rock band Eagles of Death Metal, performing at the Paris club Bataclan, when suddenly a terror attack had unfolded, killing 89 innocent lives. There are times in the film that Nos Amis manages to be entertaining, watching U2’s Bono re-enact his first impression of the band name like a stoned high school student, ”The Eagles, y’know, you think of the Eagles, then I think of death metal” is great.

Eagles of Death Metal, led by singer Jesse Hughes expressed a great deal of emotion, taking viewers back to that horrific night of terror. Hughes, who shares the stage at times with his right hand man Josh Homme, founding member of Queens of the Stone Age, didn’t live the most glamorous of lives, and expresses a great deal of gratitude for his fans. His loyalty to the fans shows a deep sense of love that is hard to match. That night in Paris, he felt as though it was his duty to bring the music back to Paris, continuing where they left off, giving the fans a show that had been taken away from them a year before.

Director Colin Hanks, best known for his acting capabilities has had little experience shooting documentaries. With this film, Hanks went all in, documenting an important story that simply need to be told. A story of tragic, heart shattering events that led to the loss of 89 lives that night in Paris on November 13, 2015. The film is simply not about a rock band. It’s about the love that something so amazing as bring, as it brings people together, even through the hardest of times.

One word that could describe the film is “personal.” It is a very personal film that takes you on the journey of how Eagles of Death Metal formed between 2 men in Palm Desert, CA, and where they have gotten themselves to the present day, leading up to these terrorist attacks. It’s a film that highlights the importance of friends, family, commodore, love, all the things that keeps us a society together. The heartfelt film will certainly touch an emotional cord, leaving one with a new found respect, love, and interest for Eagles of Death Metal, a band who rose from the depths of hell that one night in Paris, to become a widely known commodity that will forever have the respect of the fans.

The focal point in the film showcases Hughes placing his hands to his chest, making the symbol of heart that he shows to the fans. This expression of love is a symbol that everyone is in this together. Together for the love of each other, and the love of the music. It’s a beautiful gesture that really impacts those viewing it. Rock music in general may have a bit of a tainted stigma behind it, but the notions of what that stigma entails couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the film beautifully depicts the love that rock music can bring to man people, which is something that not all music has the capability of doing.

It is highly encouraged for fans of not just the Eagles of Death Metal to watch this documentary. But for music fans and everyone else. The film is a beautiful birthmark that will open many eyes, and bring people closer together in harmony. As many continue to share a love of music coming together as one to celebrate music in all its glory, while remembering those who have left this world loving the music that would later take their lives.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/