Myles Kennedy Reveals How Religion Killed His Father

Jason Bullinger For Alternative Revolt

Deep rooted fans of Alter Bridge and Myles Kennedy may think the front man is a god in his own right, but Kennedy has recently opened up about his personal past. In relation to his father, the singer spoke to Eddie Trunk on his radio show, saying how Myles’ father’s heavy belief in the Christian faith had ultimately led to his death.

After having health problems, the senior Kennedy refused to see doctors due to his Christian Science faith. After all these years, Myles Kennedy has since triggered the emotions of those events into his new solo album “Year of The Tiger,” the central theme behind the album.

“I realized year of the tiger was 1974, which was the year my father passed away when I was a kid… My family, at that point, were Christian Scientists. So basically, this woman Mary Baker Eddy started this in the 1800s, and the premise is that you don’t go to doctors. You believe that God is gonna heal you. It’s very frustrating even talking about it, frankly.”

“So dad got sick and chose not to go and see a doctor. He died of the appendicitis. He died one night in his sleep because it blew up and gangrene went all over. He didn’t know it was [appendicitis] because he wouldn’t go and see a doctor. But what is interesting is that he got really sick about eight weeks prior. He was in a lot of pain. So there’s a theory it might have actually ruptured then. He may have had gangrene actually for quite a while. But mom woke up one morning and he passed away.”

“My grandmothers on both sides chose not to go to doctors and passed away. We were entrenched in the Christian Science faith.”

“The light has actually gone off for her a little earlier, previous to his death. Because she worked at a nursing home and she realized that a lot of people associated with the Christian Science faith were passing away.”

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