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There’s one bad-ass auction happening right now on e-bay to help Randy Blythe, the lead singer of Lamb of God with his mounting legal costs.  Many of Blythe’s bandmates and other musican friends have donated their personal items, gear and instruments to generate some much needed funds to defend Blythe’s pending trial in the Czech Republic.  The auction was set up by LOG members Mark Morton (guitar), Will Adler (guitar), John Campbell (bass) and Chris Adler (drums) and all items are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, including Certificates of Authenticity.  MACHINE HEAD’s Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel, MEGADETH’s David Ellefson, Slash, and FIVE FINGER DEATH all donated items and the bidding is on for all of the insanely cool items being offered.

The singer was held for over a month in a Czech prison, was finally released and is back at home with his family in Richmond, VA, but will have to return to Prague once a trial date is set, which is pending.  This is the first round of many expected various fundraising endeavors to help Randy as he defends himself against the charges, to which he vehemently claims absolute innocence, on an International level, which requires multiple attorneys in both the US and Prague.

Here is just a taste of what’s up for grabs.  For a complete viewing of all 20 items currently up for auction, head over to the Randy Legal Fund on Ebay.

Chris Kael (Bass – Five Finger Death Punch) The guitar I’m donating is a Spector Rex 4 Bass used on stage with Five Finger Death Punch on both the Share the Welt and Metal Hammer Trespass American Tours.

Dave Ellefson (Bass – Megadeth) Jackson Guitars X-Series ‘David Ellefson signature five string Concert Bass Guitar’ with USA Custom Shop ‘Rust In Peace’ limited edition hard shell case. Other features include bass in quicksilver color, EMG HZ pickups, active circuitry, high mass Jackson bridge, bolt-on maple neck, rosewood finger board and signature truss rod cover.

Also includes a personally autographed 8×10″ photo from David (taken by Randy Johnson) and two of his Megadeth signature Jim Dunlop green Tortex ‘Th1rt3en’ tour picks.

Rob Flynn (Guitarist – Machine Head)  A custom MSRP guitar and Hard case Case with Original Artwork by Robb Flynn and Strephon Taylor
John Campbell (Lamb of God Bassist) – Jackson Guitars gave me this bass in 2009 to have out on the road and it has traveled with us since. It is my custom Jackson bass with the added graphic of the bird from the cover of “Ashes of the Wake”. Dubbed “The Black Shithawk” in honor of Jim Lahey, supervisor at Sunnyvale Trailer Park,it has been meticulously maintained by my tech as we traveled the world playing shows. I’ve had this bass with me for hundreds of shows but the last 2 were thetwo shows of Knotfest 2012. And now it can be yours!! It is ready to be played or displayed, so please, bid high and often!

Mark Morton (Guitarist – Lamb of God) This is a special ordered Jackson Dominion from Mark Morton’s personal collection. It features Seymour Duncan “Fat Cat” pickups and is autographed by Mark Morton on the back plate cover.  This was the guitar played by Morton in Lamb Of God’s “Set To Fail” video. It comes with a Jackson gig bag, 3 sets of custom wound Dunlop strings and a handful of Dunlop Mark Morton picks.


ESP Eclipse, trans-balck quilted maple with natural binding.
Willie Adler (Guitar, Lamb of God) So this is the guitar that started it all for me with ESP.  This was the actual first guitar they sent me in an extremely successful attempt to put me on their roster. When I recieved this guitar, it was a game changer. Not only did the guitar feel like butter in my hands, but it was the one instrument that I felt like I had been missing in my arsenal. Seriously. Played on numerous tours prior to my introduction of my own signature model. Will ship with the original promo photo, signed to the respective buyer. This guitar has served me well on numerous tours as well as numerous albums. It has also been a mainstay in our practice space. Feel free to play or display. It is hard to part with, but well worth the cause.

Chris Adler (Drummer, Lamb of God) – Mapex Black Panther 11″x5.5″ walnut snare. This was the final prototype for the signature drum released in 2010.


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