Musician Damon Johnson Announces New Solo Album

Musician Damon Johnson will release his new solo album “Memoirs Of An Uprising” in March 8 via Double Dragon Records.

Johnson is best know for fronting the 90’s band Brother Cane and co-founding Black Star Riders. He also has performed in current touring version of Thin Lizzy.

“This song started with a great set of lyrics from my longtime friend and musical brother, Jim (Johnny Blade) Troglen,” Damon says. “It really set the foundation for the other new songs that were soon to follow. There was a focus during this writing process unlike any I can recall from my past, and the diversity in dynamics and quality of the storytelling reflect that.”

Johnson explains: “After that Priest tour, I was feeling anxious about some things: getting older, where my career would be in 10 years, how much time I was continually spending (mostly in foreign countries) away from my wife and our two youngest kids… plus I was sitting on a near completed solo album of the most honest music I’ve ever made. Ignoring some hard truths could not be a part of my deal anymore.” So Johnson made the decision to part ways with Black Star Riders, finish his album, and start over… this time completely on his own name.

“Memoirs Of An Uprising” track listing:

01. Shivering Shivering
02. Dallas Coulda Been A Beatdown
03. Down On Me
04. We Got A System
05. Call It A Trade
06. Rage With Me
07. So Brutal
08. The World Keeps Spinning Round
09. Making Peace With This Wicked Beast
10. Glorious