In This Moment: Black Widow Tour


In This Moment brought its Black Widow Tour to the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on Sunday night. The band is touring in support of its latest album “Black Widow.” Starset, Twelve Foot Ninja and 3 pil morning opened. In This Moment has been hitting big strides across the country since their release of “Blood” and making appearances on big festivals such as Uproar, Carnival of Madness and Knotfest. Maria Brink is a crowd pleaser in more ways than one as always and offers a wardrobe changes after every song performed live. This tour she will have a small tent as part of the stage set for her to change in before jumping into the next song; oh to be the fly on that wall. This tour offers more than just the same production value and set list that we have seen for the past five years now, still accompanied with her background dancers and blasting pressurized liquid oxygen producing smoke. But this time its mixed up in the set list and will kick off with radio hit single “sick like me” and previous titles “Blood” “Adrenalize” “Whore” and new single “Black Widow”. We are looking forward to see more from ITM and hopefully will jump on the band wagon for next year’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival.


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