Michael Sweet Is Frustrated With Those Who Question His “Commitment To God”

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Michael Sweet the lead vocalist and creative force behind the Christian hard rock band Stryper has never shied away from speaking his mind or communicating when he is frustrated with the world.  This week Sweet posted a message on social media stating that he is tired of “being judged” by people who question his commitment to God.

Michael: “Without getting into details, I’m so very tired of feeling and or being judged. I don’t go to church as often as I should. I don’t read my bible as often as I should. I like an occasional bourbon. I like an occasional cigar. I may drop a few F bombs when I get heated. I am, however, sold out to Christ. So much so that I’ve been willing to take the heat from people who don’t know me for my entire life. And I’m willing to continue taking it. Why? Because I’m committed to Christ. I’m a believer in His faith and His salvation and that will never change.

“To me, none of the above means anything when it comes to faith. Sadly, many people think that it does. They place others’ spirituality on a scale to be weighed by how often one goes to church, how often one reads the word, how often one prays. On the other side of the scale how little one swears, drinks, smokes or Lord knows what else. None of that matters to God. What does matter is how sold out you are. Are you willing to commit your life, your job, your work to Him? I am. “So for all the judgmental folks out there — find a mirror, look into it and start tearing that person apart. You might be surprised by what you find.”

Stryper will hit the road in May for the 2019 “History Tour – Greatest Hits & Covers That Influenced Our Generation”.