Metallica + Lady Gaga Grammy Performance With Working Microphone

Whoa, technology is a bitch isn’t it? A video just surface via RoLoad, Romania based Metallica fan page. It turns out that James Hetfield’s microphone was working afterall, at least for the live web-feed. Why would the microphone function properly over the live stream and not on the live TV?

“Web feed was fine. Only the TV broadcast had problems for some reason.” RoLoad explains

So there we have it. Without much of an explanation as to why the feed did not broadcast properly on the TV broadcast like it did in the live stream, fans around the world who were able to tune in via internet didn’t seem to have a problem with the show; the part with Metallica anyway. This will raise serious questions for sure about the fault of the stage team in charge of Metallica’s set up for the live show. But now we know the collaboration not only sounded awesome, but what could have been actually was happening after all, but no one knew it, not even the band.

Meanwhile, Metallica went on to perform at their second gig that night following the Grammy mishap with a live show at the Hollywood Palladium, a private event for Citi Card Members, and yes the microphone was useful and operational. All mic issues will be a past worry too on the upcoming WorldWired 2017 North American Tour this summer.