Matt Sorum Mourns The Loss of Pat Torpey

With the legendary drummer Pat Torpey gone, sadness has hit hard within the drumming world. The community are still trembling at the news that Torpey has passed away at the age of 64. As a founding member of Mr. Big, Torpey, and fellow Mr. Big band members Paul Gilbert, Eric Martin, and Billy Sheehan introduced a series of underrated songs that will forever be dubbed as some of the best music to be released.

Fellow drumming legend Matt Sorum took to social media to speak out on the death of Torpey. Sorum posted on his Facebook a long winded message as a tribute to the late great drummer.

“I remember the first time [Guns N’ Roses] went to Japan in ’91. Mr. Big was No. 1 and we were No. 2. They were huge there and we always respected one another, although Pat practiced like a maniac at Mates Studio daily while listening to political talk radio. His drum chops were insane. He helped me in the mid-’90s put together my drum video, producing and directing me. We also co-wrote a song for Mr. Big called ‘Crawl Over Me’.”

“I hadn’t seen him in quite awhile now that people go in different directions, but Pat was such a huge part of my career and I do feel very connected spiritually as one of those people that you meet in life that changes the course of your life.”

“I owe you so much, Pat. I hope you are at peace now, my drumming brother. Condolences to family and friends and bandmates.”

Sad To hear about the Passing of Pat Torpey , A great human being and musician , Pat and I came up together in the clubs…

Posted by Matt Sorum on Thursday, February 8, 2018

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