Mass Sky Raid ‘Science Of Fiction’ Album Review

Australia’s Gold Coast alternative rockers Mass Sky Raid have been creating music since 2011 and released a EP titled ‘Courage Under Fire’ in 2013. Since then the band has built momentum and toured in their native country backing up other Australian bands such as Dead Letter Circus and Twelve Foot Ninja. After releasing a few stand-alone tracks, MSR will release their debut full-length releases on August 3. 

I enjoyed the EP ‘Courage Under Fire’ but only slightly followed what the band has released as stand-alone songs as I prefer to still digest my music in the complete album form. If you have enjoyed the songs they have released so far you will be a fan of the entire album. The album has a nice musical flow and atmosphere that offers a ton of memorable and catchy songs. I’m not a fan of the harsh vocal style that some progressive metal bands use today and thankfully there are none here. The vocals of Adam Lomas are majestic, melodic, and blend beautifully with the textures of the instruments. This is a satisfying sonic journey that has many emotions and layers that get peeled back and unlocked as you experience it.

There will be obvious comparisons to Dead Letter Circus and that is a compliment. Some of the vocal deliveries and guitar work are similar but Mass Sky Raid paints a different and successful atmosphere canvas to explore. This is one of the better albums I have heard this year and I hope the band can attract more fans so that the US would get the opportunity to see them live. I know it is very costly for an Australian band to come over and tour but hopefully with this excellent release they can find a way.