Man Arrested After Stealing KISS Memorabilia

Some people will go to great heights to get their hands on items pertaining to their favorite band. KISS has been a band over the span of 40+ years that have touched the lives of millions of people, gaining an army of followers and fans that have been inspired through their music.

For many, the inspiration of KISS has brought good and joy. For others, it has lead to a rough road that has resulted in an act of stealing. Michael Roehr, a 50 year old man in Texas, is now in deep water after stealing KISS memorabilia from a man that has built his collection of items over the span of 40 years.

Police in San Angelo, Texas arrested the man after stealing a line of KISS shirts, records, action figures, and magazines from a storage unit. The owner of the memorabilia had noticed the missing items last month, which then lead to Roehr after a tip was made, along with surveillance video footage, leading to his arrest on Friday.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/