Lizzy Borden’s ‘My Midnight Things’ Album Review

It is hard to believe it has been 11 years since we had new music from Lizzy Borden. I have been a regular follower since the late eighties and still think the conceptual Master Of Disguise (1989) is one of the most underateed albums to come out at that time. My Midnight Things follows Appointment With Death (2007) and provides exactly what fans could ever want delivering an excellent addition to the bands melodic heavy metal catalog.

The albums theme is somewhat conceptual in that all of the songs are based on different kinds of love. The opening track “My Midnight Things” sets the tone for the record and leaves the interpretation to the listener as to what kind of love Borden might be talking about. The second track “Obsessed With You” could be about an enthusiastic love affair turned upside down causing a fatal ending. I think that is the most intriguing and satisfying thing about this album. Borden paints a ten song art gallery show and lets the listener decide what he or she sees on the canvas.  His ideas could be complex or very simple but it engages you to think.

The songwriting and musicianship are exceptional. Borden mixes in pop, metal, and rock while blending in his signature vocals and harmonies. Overall it may sound a little “radio” friendly in spots for some fans but I have a soft spot for “catchy” rock songs and this new music kept repeating in my head day after day.

I highly recommend all music fans to check out My Midnight Things. It is one of my favorite released records mid way through 2018.  I’m also very exited to see what theatrical surprises Borden has dreamt up for his live show in support. 

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Review by Jason Bullinger