Lizzy Borden Releases New Video For “Obsessed With You”

Lizzy Borden has released a new video for the song “Obsessed With You”. The video was directed by Dave Brodsky and is taken from the frontman’s first album in 11 years, “My Midnight Things”, which was released last June via Metal Blade Records.

Lizzy spoke with RockEyez about the long gap between “Appointment With Death” and “My Midnight Things”: “The reason I stopped making records [was] because we were touring, and we were having fun touring all over the world, playing different countries that we’d never played before. It was amazing, but I did miss being a recording artist. I stopped recording because the industry collapsed, and all we had was the old record deals. The old record deal that I had was worthless — it didn’t mean anything; it was impossible to even do. I did two records that way, ‘Deal With The Devil’ and ‘Appointment With Death’, with the old style of record deal, and then the industry completely imploded, and then it was just, ‘Okay, I can’t function this way.’ I just resigned myself to playing the back catalog live, but Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records had a meeting with me and convinced me that they had changed the game. The success that they’ve had has been amazing for an independent label. The proof was in the pudding on how they figured out how to rise above the ashes of the industry. There’s a whole different system in place, and he talked me into making records again.”