Liam Gallagher Proves A Real Rock N’ Roll Star In Denver


If there is one thing for certain about Liam Gallagher, is that he likes attention. He loves eating it up in the media and on social media. His North American tour for his first solo album As You Were released in October is underway.  Since the monster Brit band Oasis broke up eight years ago, Liam has been living in the shadows of his brother. Noel wrote the songs and seemed to be the better talent. Opinions of him might change as fans packed the Gothic Theatre in Denver Saturday night November 18 to see if he could indeed be the star by himself.

Just after Liam and his band walked on stage, they kicked right into the Oasis live staple “Rock N’ Roll Star” to the roar of the crowd. They followed that up with “What’s The Story (Morning Glory)” right into a new track “Greedy Soul” from As You Were. Liam promised in the build up to the release of his solo album that he would be returning to the “Oasis” sound and that is exactly what he has done and his new songs which fit nicely into his set. Half of the set was comprised of songs from As You Were including the first single “Wall of Glass”, “For What It’s Worth”, and “You Better Run”. And no surprise , the other half of the set were Oasis songs and Liam sang them perfectly. Songs such as “Some Might Say”, “Slide Away”, and “Cigarettes & Alcohol” all  were all well received with avid crowd participation singing along raising up their cellphones and capturing the moment.

Liam had the same swagger as he did back in the 1990’s. He never smiled and hardly said a full sentence of words to the audience. But he proved to his many critics that he could run a show without his brother Noel next to him. There will never be a full on Oasis reunion but Liam and his band gives us with the next best thing. Thanks for the return.