Led Zeppelin Has Filed A New Trademark For Streaming Live Shows

According to LedZepNews, Led Zeppelin has filed a new trademark for “Led Zeppelin Experience”, to be used as a new streaming service for archival live shows.

A new trademark filing was submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week for the purpose of “providing non-downloadable pre-recorded music online via a global computer network.” The filing specifically refers to live songs, not studio recordings.

According to the report, the band has also trademarked “Led Zeppelin Experience” in Europe, with the trademark also covering the use of the name on “outerwear, hats, footwear and other clothing items.”

October 9 will see the release of “Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin”, the first and only official illustrated book by the band. It is a unique collaboration between Jimmy Page, Robert Plantand John Paul Jones, who have given Reel Art Press unrestricted access to the Led Zeppelin archive.