Lars Ulrich Chooses His Favorite Metallica Album Covers

Lars Ulrich was recently asked to pick his favorite Metallica album cover in a recent interview with Maxim.

Ulrich said: “I’m not much for favorites… the ‘Load’ and ‘Reload’ albums with the amazing pieces by Andres Serrano. They will always hold a special place in my heart. I love him as an artist. I love the imagery. I love the fact that we saw Serrano through as the cover art for those two records. Those are probably my two favorites.”

The artwork for “Load” featured a photo called “Semen And Blood III”, which consisted of cow blood and Serrano’s own semen between two plates of Plexiglas, while the cover of “Reload” was adorned with a similar Serrano photo titled “Piss And Blood XXVI”.