Lamb Of God Guitarist Mark Morton Releases Video For Cover Of Pearl Jam’s Hit “Black”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has released the second video his new solo EP – a cover of the Pearl Jam hit “Black” featuring vocalist Mark Morales.

“The early ‘90s were such an important and vibrant time for rock music in general, and I feel like ‘Black’ is one of the great songs from that era,” Morton says. “Our approach in covering it was to present a super stripped-down version, sticking the essence of the song. It’s got a very lonely feel to it and Mark Morales delivered an absolutely incredible vocal performance.”

Ether, Morton’s second solo offering, was released this month via Rise Records. The primarily acoustic EP is comprised of three original tracks and two covers that showcase Morton’s diversity as a musician. As with last year’s solo debut, Anesthetic, the guitarist enlisted the talents of various musicians and vocalists to bring his songs to life.