Korn 20: Live at Wellmont Theater

Twenty years of Korn have come and still counting, a lot has happened since the inception with members leaving and returning, headlining festivals and new albums, Korn’s Paradigm has indeed shifted over the years. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has opened up about his fatherhood and about his sons, “They’re the only reason I’m here doing what I do and I’m still on this planet.” On tour he’s bellowing his vocals to thousands of screaming fans of the nu-metal band. At home he’s with his kids, “hanging out watching SpongeBob and playing video games.” This tour, marking Korn’s 20th Anniverary has Davis reflecting on the last few decades. The 44-year-old singer wouldn’t change a thing, but he would tell his 22-year-old self, “don’t try to please so many people. That’s my biggest thing, is I’m always trying to make everybody happy.” The tour featured the performance of their self-titled debut album in its entirety. This tour marks the first time in twenty years Korn has performed the track “Daddy” live in front of an audience. The track is an emotional account detailing singer Jonathan Davis’ tumultuous childhood. They are, and have been for many years, the best and most reliable live heavy-metal act out there, but over the past year or so, their sets have become too predictable and boring for their own good. Korn was able to find themselves again. It was clear from the very first song – Blind, one of their very best – that this wasn’t quite the same band that came through the area with Slipknot and on the Mayhem Fest in 2014.

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