Kitten Releases New Video For “Me”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Pop-rock weirdos Kitten release their new EP, Goodbye Honeymoon Phase today via RED Music! To celebrate the new EP, Kitten have just dropped the music video for “ME” exclusively with tmrw Magazine. Directed by longtim Kitten-collaborator Tsarina Merrin, the video tackles the frustrations of living in our “everything-is-filmed” modern world, and the inability to truly know someone in spite of the wealth of content they may or may not share.

Goodbye Honeymoon Phase features “Memphis”, already a new fan-favorite, which kicks things off with lush instrumentation that bends around lead singer Chloe Chaidez’s impressionist lyrics. “ME”, co-produced with Mike Shinoda, finds Kitten at their brattiest and most urgent; imagine a John Hughes film soundtracked by sk8r punks. Meanwhile, on “Goodbye Honeymoon Phase”, the band takes the 90s singer-songwriter nostalgia of lead single “Memphis”, and blasts it into the present with bit-crushed guitars and arcade synthesizers. “Distraction”, a re-work form the Pink Champagne era, harkens back to that EP’s chaotic energy and wildcard arrangements. “Friday’s No Fun Anymore” closes the EP with a blend of retro pop romanticism and explosive modern production.