King Diamond Assembles His Delightful Asylum In Denver [Review & Photos]


A good stage show can transport you to a new world. It might be a different place. Or time. Or if you’re King Diamond, the world of a dark and delightfully macabre asylum. Complete with a devilish patient, menacing hooded figures, questionable “treatments” and a host of other eerie details.

Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium was the latest stop for His Majesty. And amid a sea of dim lights and fog, the horror rock veteran treated an enthusiastic crowd of metalheads to his trademark brand of theatrics and screaming anthems. The inspiration behind this latest production comes from a 1920s mental institution – a clear nod to his soon-to-be released 13th studio album, “The Institute” – and the makeshift sanatorium all but filled the entire stage.

King still has his pipes. And far-reaching range (no small feat considering he’s been at this for decades now). Both were on display from the moment he started into the first verses of “The Candle.” And effortlessly continued through the likes of “A Mansion in the Darkness,” “Halloween,” “Sleepless Nights” and “Burn.” The black metaler then closed the night out with “Black Horseman,” a fitting tribute to the late Timi Hansen.