Killswitch Engage & Anthrax Flip The Switch at “Killthrax Tour” Kickoff

Killswitch Engage and Anthrax flip the switch to the kickoff of their “Killthrax Tour” in Montclair. The show featured Killswitch Engage and Anthrax with special guests The Devil Wears Prada and Jasta. Bringing a head banging lineup to kill and thrash, show openers Jasta, comprised of Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta and Kingdom of Sorrow bassist Chris Beaudette, and The Devil Wears Prada ignited the evening up early to give a taste of the pandemonium that has yet to unfold.

Anthrax took stage to a catalogue many classics starting with “Among The Living” and “Caught in a Mosh.” With circle pits, crowds surfing and bodies flying, this was the kind of start to the Killthrax tour that Anthrax was specifically was looking for, it’s not an Anthrax show without it. With a solid hour on stage, there was no time to waste, thrashing through hit after infectious hit both old and new, Anthrax shredded on with “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t,” laying down the law with “I Am The Law,” “Breathing Lightning,” “Evil Twin,” and closing out their set with “Indians.” Guitarist Scott Ian addressed his loyal crowd to show his thanks to a kick ass tour kickoff.

Killswitch Engage went on to set the stage ablaze to headline the tour kickoff. Starting things off with “Hate By Design,” a track that vocalist Jesse Leach described during a recent interview on how “Racism is Laughable.”

Leach went on to say that discrimination based on sex, race, religion, national origin, disability or familial status has no place in our lives, our government and our society. “The more I’ve traveled and the more people I’ve met, the more I realize we’re all pretty similar,” he said. “And, to me, racism, for example, is laughable. It’s so pathetic that people still… They’re always gonna think that way; that’s always gonna be the case. That’s why, for me, writing songs that approach that, like ‘Hate By Design’ is basically about exactly that. When things started to happen in our country, to me, it was, like, ‘No, it’s more than that.’ That’s why the word ‘design,’ I thought it was just a good word to use, because there are people who are sitting there trying to figure out how to make certain things work to a certain agenda, so when people hate each other, it’s a polarizing thing.”

Back to the show, moving on with early Jesse Leach era classics with “Vide Infrida,” the ever lasting “My Last Serenade” and “A Bid Farewell.” The band is visibly comfortable together since Leach rejoined the band in 2012 and as the years go by and continue to move forward, the chemistry with the Massachusetts metal band is flawless. With lots more to punch out, Leach begged the question “Are you ready for some more?” Without skipping a beat, Killswitch ran the evening beyond the flames rolling out “The Hell In Me,” The Arms of Sorrow,” “The End of Heartache,” “Rose of Sharyn,” “My Curse” and their infamous Dio cover of “Holy Diver”and closed out their set with “In Due Time.”

The Killthrax Tour will move on to Ohio next and continue throughout the month of April and come to a close in Killswitch Engage’s hometown of Boston in May.

Check out videos from the last night’s show: