Kid Rock Changes Name of Upcoming Tour

For Kid Rock fans looking to see the maestro on the road this year, they can expect the tour to be under a different moniker. Originally, Kid Rock had named the tour “The Greatest Show on Earth” tour, which had then caught wind at Feld Entertainment. Feld is the company that holds the rights to the trademark of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

After getting word that Kid Rock had named the tour under the same line that Feld uses for their circus shows, the company had taken legal action against Rock. As a result, Kid Rock had changed the name of the tour, which will now be called the “American Rock N’ Roll” tour.

Despite the attempt to take legal action, Kid Rock was well within his First Amendment rights to name the tour under that name. “While I firmly believe that I am entitled under the First Amendment to name my tour after my song, I have changed the tour name because I do not want this lawsuit to distract me or my fans from focusing on what is important in my upcoming Tour — my music,” said Kid Rock.

Kenneth Turkel, Rock’s attorney agrees with the notion that his First Amendment rights would have protected him in a court of a law. Despite this, a spokesman for Feld said that the company would have still taken legal action against Rock, after having made the tagline famous for so many years.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/