Kendall Rucks Releases New Single “Skin The Sun”

​Kendall Rucks, a rising songstress who is originally from Florida but not resides in Los Angeles, has released her new single, “Skin The Sun.” With her powerful vocals and sultry sound, Kendall fuses elements of rock, blues and dream pop to create music that is both provocative and captivating. Kendall’s ability to merge several genres is creating waves worldwide, allowing her to pack houses at several venues in the L.A. area. Her previous five singles have helped grow her following and garner her over 35K streams on Spotify.

“Skin The Sun” comes with heavy drum beats and a slow melody that intertwine to create a dreamy sound. Kendall’s soulful vocals are deep as she shows off her broad range of octaves throughout the whole track. She sings her vulnerable lyrics of loving someone so deeply and cosmically that you would do anything in order to bring happiness to their world even if it burns you in the end. The song eventually fades out slowly with her last verse, leaving the listener in an introspective state wanting to hear more.

Throughout her upcoming releases, Kendall expresses many personal views, rooted in mysticism, on equality and cultivating an accepting lifestyle. Her music is meant to create an inclusive community where her fans can feel heard and know that she’s faced similar experiences. She also wants it to be known that women are multi-dimensional, infinitely vast and varied beings.

Since Kendall first started developing her sound she was heavily inspired by the unconventional road Fiona Apple took. Taking from Fiona, she remains steadfast in her unique sound, therefore, breathing new life into the Alt-Rock genre. This ideology came from years in the industry, where she felt she was unable to create music that expressed herself properly because of her age and the maturity level of her lyrics.
Kendall moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13 to grow her talents as a singer and actress. She was briefly part of a teen singing group, but after it was disbanded she turned the majority of her focus to acting. It wasn’t until she turned 18 that she became more comfortable voicing her raw sensuality and femininity in her music. With help from her band, The Zodiac Mafia, which she met at the Musicians Institute, she explores darker themes others may be facing in order to create an accepting space.