Justin Hawkins Explains Cover Art For Upcoming Album ‘Easter Is Cancelled’

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The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins was interviews by Planet Rock about the concept for the cover artwork for the band’s upcoming studio album ‘Easter Is Cancelled’. “Easter Is Cancelled” is due on October 4 via via Cooking Vinyl.

Hawkins: “I’m depicting Christ in the artwork. I’m not suggesting for a minute that I’m Jesus. And the concept is multiverse theory. So, presumably, if we’re allowed to talk about multiverse theory, as science folk, which we are, the idea of multiverse theory is that every eventuality that is possible to imagine exists somewhere in an alternate reality — like Schrödinger’s cat times infinity. So, the idea is what happens if on the day that the Christ was to be crucified, he just said, ‘Well, I’m gonna use my supernatural, wine-turning, water-walking abilities to fight back.’ And the crucifixion doesn’t happen, the Romans don’t stand a chance — one of them is beheaded — and Jesus and three of the Marys, we’re saying what if there’s a universe like that? Imagine everything goes wrong. Isn’t it comforting to know that in a universe somewhere, everything has gone right? Don’t you find that comforting?”