John Lennon Will Be Memorialized With Postage Stamp

John Lennon will be memorialized with a postage stamp on September 7.

Designed to look like a 45 record sleeve, the stamp features a 1974 photo that rock photographer Bob Gruen shot for the former Beatle’s fifth solo album, Walls and Bridges, on the roof of Lennon’s apartment building.

“The original black-and-white photograph has been treated in gradations of color: from yellow orange to red in the top row, from red to light purple in the second row, from light purple to dark purple in the third row and from dark purple to blue in the bottom row,” the postal service noted. “Lennon’s signature appears at the top of the stamps. ‘USA,’ the peace symbol and the Forever denomination appear along the bottom.”

he reverse side of the stamp features a photograph of Lennon at his white piano, taken by Peter Fordham and used to promote his landmark 1971 album Imagine.

“Beloved around the world, Lennon was successful both as a founding member of the Beatles and as a solo artist,” the postal service wrote in a release. “Lennon’s music continues to speak for truth, peace and tolerance.”

The stamp is the latest in the postal service’s Music Icon series, which already includes artists like Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash. The intent to release a Lennon stamp was first announced in 2014; it was revealed in December that he was next in line.