Joey Belladonna Sings National Anthem Before Preseason Football Game

Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

It’s a glorious time of year. Why? Because football season is back once again. As the weather cools now, the grills are staying out as tailgates and football games are what make this country great on top of some great music.

With preseason action underway, what better way to honor the game than to have Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna singing the national anthem prior. Yesterday (August 11th), Belladonna took the mic in front of a crowd of Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings fans as he belted out a perfect rendition of the national anthem. What would have made it even better is if Anthrax were to do a whole composition of the song as a band.

With a voice like Belladonna’s, you simply can’t go wrong. With 30+ years singing, his game is only getting better and better, and the Anthrax fans surely recognize it.

“I have to tell you and this is not a kiss-up to Joey but he’s better now than he has ever been” said Anthrax bassist Frankie Bello. “I stand on stage with him every night and the dude is just a phenomenon. I never heard of any singer that doesn’t warm up and can still sing like he does. I’m a background singer and have things that I do to prepare. He is so consistent, and I’m a fan of his voice. He has a gift from God, and it’s a beautiful gift. I’m thankful to be in a band with him.”

Joey Belladonna with an incredible rendition of the National Anthem at the Bills vs Vikings game!! Awesome!

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