Joe Satriani Hopes To Work On New Chickenfoot Music This Summer

Joe Satriani says that he is hoping that Chickenfoot will gather this summer to begin working on new music.

During a brand new interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, Satriani was asked if there are any plans for Chickenfoot to do anything else again. Joe responded: “Well, I think all of us… I should say when I say ‘all of us,’ I mean myself and Chad and Mike, we’re trying to convince Sammy to spend some time working on some new songs with us. I think he wants to do it, but he’s too busy having a good time with all his other stuff. So we just have to go in there and [write down] in his date book that he’s got some sessions ahead of him. So maybe this summer. It looks like all of us are gonna have a little time this summer, so we’re gonna try to see if we can get in the studio then.”

Chickenfoot’s most recent album of all-new material was “Chickenfoot III”, the band’s second LP, issued in 2011.