Jimmy Fallons Does His James Taylor Parody With “Fire And Fury”

Late night host Jimmy Fallon brought back his incredible James Taylor impersonation for Monday night’s (Jan. 15) show, during which he parodied a Taylor classic and made it more modern and relatable to today’s controversial political climate.

Fallon, who is not one to normally get political, spoofed Taylor’s 1970 hit “Fire and Rain” with his own rendition now titled “Fire and Fury,” a play on Michael Wolff’s new tell-all book of the same name about President Donald Trump’s administration.

Putting Trump on blast via Wolff’s account in the exposé, Fallon changed Taylor’s verses to lines like “I’ve seen him drink a cup of water with tiny hands/ While he’s lyin’ in bed watching ‘Fox and Friends,'” and “Even his own wife and kids thought he would lose/ Now he’s throwin’ a damn awards show for fake news.” Despite the controversy over what the book details, all of those who tuned in to Fallon’s disses were sure to get a good laugh.