Jeff Whalen Releases New Song “Jendy!”; New Album Out In Early 2019

Jeff Whalen, the frontman and mastermind behind celebrated L.A. power pop band Tsar, announces details of his first-ever solo album 10 More Rock Super Hitsto be released in early 2019.

He has just released the first single “Jendy!”

10 More Rock Super Hits is a crunch-tastic, chorus-driven confection of everything that sparkles and pops – a bubbleglam masterpiece and a distillation of the best elements of UK glitter, new wave, sunshine pop, and ’70s arena rock brilliantly produced by Linus Of Hollywood (Nerf Herder, Bowling For Soup, etc). Kurt Baker of The Kurt Baker Combo says,”Jeff is on top of the Pop Rock N Roll game here. Dig it!”

10 More Rock Super Hits is more or less like a follow-up to Tsar’s first two albums (Tsar and Band-Girls-Money) with maybe a slightly more Californian, top-down, PCH, airy, summer beach vibe.

After Tsar, Jeff immersed himself into the pop rock world by continuing to write, listen, talk about, think about, cry about, and throw-up-in-the-back-of-the-cab about music.  He says, “Pop music is always there for you.  And there’s always more of it.  Whenever you think, ‘well, that’s it… that’s all the bands in that genre’, there’s always more.”

About his first solo single “Jendy!,”  he says enigmatically, “It’s inspired by this girl I like… but it’s also a bit about America. The song is really about how pop music and love make us feel a certain way when we need them to.  We put a tremendous amount of pressure on them to mean something when we need them to mean something. And they never let us down.”

10 More Rock Super Hits:

1. Goofing Around
2. Jendy!
3. Ground Game For Worm
4. Kung Fu Criminal
5. Man Of Devotion
6. The Alien Lanes
7. Shanghai Surprise
8. Don’t Give It Up
9. Soylent Blue
10. 10 More Rock Super Hits