James Michael And DJ Ashba Have Launched A New Band Called Pyromantic

SIXX:A.M. members James Michael and DJ Ashba have launched a brand new project called Pyromantic.

The “American songwriting duo” is putting the finishing touches on an album’s worth of music, to be released later in the year.

Pyromantic will film a video for its debut single “in a couple of weeks” in Las Vegas.

Michael and Ashba announced their new collaboration via a Facebook Live chat on Saturday, February 10.

Speaking about the musical and lyrical direction of Pyromantic, Michael said (see video below): “Lyrically, it is very deep, but it’s different from SIXX:A.M. in the sense that I think that we are choosing different subject matter to talk about. Sonically speaking, it’s heavy as fuck, but it’s also got these really, really pop melodies. So all I can say is I know you’re gonna dig it. It’s some of the most special stuff I’ve ever heard. We’ve been in this business a long time, and we’re very excited about that.”

Added Ashba: “When we sat down to do Pyromantic, the one big thing [we said to ourselves] was, ‘Let’s create something so new and fresh and create a sound for Pyromantic,’ so when you Pyromantic, it has a very distinct sound. And it’s pretty much… What we went after is a great blend of dance, rock and pop, and you kind of throw that in a blender, and I would say that’s pretty much what Pyromantic sounds like.”

Michael continued: “It’s definitely very, very song driven. As artists, we’ve been driven by songs.”

Regarding Pyromantic’s touring plans, Michael said: “The neat thing about this music is that it’s not going to be limited to just a rock audience, so there is a much broader spectrum of audiences that we can play for and a much broader spectrum of bands that we can actually tour with. That’s very exciting to us.”