James Hetfield Fires Stagehand For Microphone Fiasco

Metallica Lady gaga
Getty Images

Last night was an interesting night for heavy metal at the 59th annual Grammy Awards. During their performance with Lady Gaga, Metallica started their night off on a bad note, with singer James Hetfield having experienced troubles with his microphone, causing a rather awkward moment as viewers witnessed Hetfield singing into a dead microphone.

Inside sources with the Grammy’s had stated that Metallica had insisted on using their own stage crew for the performances production. Other sources with TMZ had gained an inside scoop that in between the mic check before the actual performance, a wire connecting to the microphone at been unplugged by a stage crew member. Having only realized this after it was far too late, the microphone was then plugged in, resolving the problem, but it was too little, too late, as Hetfield finished the song on his own microphone with only a fraction of time left in the performance.

To add to the rigid performance for the band, Laverne Cox introduced the performance by only referring to Lady Gaga.

As a result, inside sources had also confirmed that Hetfield had fired his stage crew in charge of the microphone disaster, which is evident in watching the frustration brought on by Hetfield, after he had thrown his guitar, and knocked over his mic stand in a bit of rage.

After their performance at the Grammy’s, the band then continued on to a much smaller, more intimate show in front of just 3,000 people at the Hollywood Palladium. This show had gone on far more smoothly than what had happened at the Grammy’s, but again, it was just too little, too late, as the minor error cost a big price in front of millions of viewers.

Things are certainly looking to head into a better direction, James Hetfield and the band had just announced tour dates to their upcoming “WorldWired” tour, with dates spanning all across the nation within some of the biggest stadiums out there. One thing is for sure that after a situation like this, the band is surely going to keep a close eye to make sure nothing goes off without a hitch, and that everything runs perfectly, in order to prevent another fiasco from occurring on their biggest tour to date.

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