ISSUE 24.2 (Serj Tankian) Limited Edition [1 of 4 covers]



Digital issues are mobile, notebook, and PC friendly.

Featured Interviews:
• Alice Cooper
• Vinnie Paul | HellYeah
• Serj Tankian
• Levi Benton | Miss May I

Additional Artist Interviews:
• Five Finger Death Punch | Chris Kael
• AC/DC | Mark Evans
• 12 Stones | Paul McCoy
• Candlelight Red | Jeremy Edge
• Gemini Syndrome | Rich Juzwick
• Ashes RemainBoundDownplayG Tom Mac, and more!

Poop-Chute [Tasty Nugs]:
• Skrillex (Satan Wasp)
• The Darkness (Dickness)

Barcodes & Bootlegs [CD Reviews]:
• Slash’s ‘Apocalyptic Love’
• Lita Ford’s ‘Living Like A Runaway’

Idiot Box [Tv/Movies/Games]:
• Movies Reviews: Battleship and Prometheus
• June Game Releases: Worst Month Ever

From The Pit [Live Reviews]:
• Rammstein Live at the Palace

Straight From Helle [Rants & Raves]:
• Ticketbastard

Special Feature [Inside Story]:
• Nick Kushner

In The Mix [Engineers of Sound]:
• Producer Ryan Greene

Hopping Mad [Brew Review]:
• Fat Head’s Brewery: Head Hunter IPA

Take My Money [New Product Reviews]:
• The WineRack & The Freedom Flask

Metal Maidens [Hard Rock Hotties]:
• Taylor Brynne

Hitlist [Comic] and more!


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