Iron Maiden Launches New Ale, ‘Light Brigade’

iron maiden
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Iron Maiden’s river of success continues to flow in the form of another tasty brew that the band has developed. The newest addition to the line of ale that Iron Maiden has developed is called “Light Brigade,” a unique golden English ale with a 4.1% ABV.

The beer was developed in support of “Help For Heroes,” which is a British charity that provides support for armed forces who’s lives may have been affected by their line of service.

“We are very proud to have been asked to get involved. I have been an instructor on several of British Airways’ flight simulator ‘Flying Heroes’ days for Help For Heroes veterans, so I know the charity and the work that they do well. Light Brigade is our interpretation of a golden ale that maintains the elements of strength and character that are the essence of Trooper but at a more sessionable level. In fact, the two beers complement each other very well.”

“We are thrilled that Bruce Dickinson has developed a new beer for us under the Trooper brand with Robinsons,” said Beth Miles, director of marketing and fundraising at Help For Heroes. “We are sure that Light Brigade will have a very popular appeal and raise significant funds, enabling Help For Heroes to empower more veterans to reach their potential and regain their purpose. This is the beginning of a partnership which we hope will see Trooper fans and Robinsons customers join The Force for Good campaign to support the thousands whose lives have been affected by their service.”

It’s been five years since now since Iron Maiden partnered with an independent family of brewers, Robinson, to launch their Trooper beer. Now, the trend is continuing with Light Brigade, adding a new line of support to those in need. Englishmen do love a good pint of beer, and this one is just another to wet your whistle while listening to some great Iron Maiden tunes to go with it.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/